Staycation Time

It has been a long few months after moving into our new house while figuring out life with a new baby and staying on top of my current involvements. There are still many boxes to go through and unpack but my little one doesn’t always allow me to get things done. I have been wanting to have a little getaway where I can take my mind off of settling in and just relax in the moment.

The thought of leaving my son for a weekend makes me a little uncomfortable but leaving him for only a night when I’m in the same city seems like a fine idea.  When I talked to my mother-in-law and found out she was able to stay with the baby I was 100% ready to pack an overnight bag. 

The moment I walked into the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Memphis Downtown I felt a sense of happiness.You are welcomed by vibrant colors, bright LED lighting, contemporary decor and an accommodating staff. The hotel recently went under a multi-million-dollar renovation and reopened this summer.

 My husband stayed with me of course. I went to the Grizzlies game and we didn’t leave the arena until after 10:30pm. It was so nice to be “home” in less than 5 minutes when usually we drive almost 30 minutes to get home. What we really enjoyed was dining at the Notes & Provisions Restaurant and Bar before bed. It’s always a challenge for us to find somewhere we can grab a bite to eat after the games because restaurants close at 10pm during the week. Knowing the bar was open until midnight was such a big plus and we were able to take our time and enjoy each others company.

I ordered the flat bread pizza and Michael ordered the burger. We both pretty much cleared our plates the food was so good! I always ask whomever I am eating with if they like their meal. Michael mentioned how good the burger was before I got to ask him my question which says a lot about how good it was!

I’m always interested in the bathroom products at hotels. I don’t like to pack my own shampoo, conditioner, lotion and those sorts of things because they weigh down my bag and for some reason always leak. When the hotel provides a nice line of bath products it makes me oh so happy! The Crowne Plaza’s products have a clean and refreshing smell that felt great on my hair and skin.

The yummy breakfast in bed was the perfect end to my staycation before my husband and I had to head off to work. I wanted to stay in the comfortable bed as long as I could. Seriously, the bed was incredible. You all really should treat yourselves to a stay at the Crowne Plaza downtown to enjoy there magnificent beds and incredibly soft sheets! 

Speaking of sheets, I forgot to look at who made them. When I really like something I usually want it for my home so I do my best to track it down. 
Breakfast in bed should happen on a regular basis, we are all on the go too much. I could eat in my bed more often but having to get up and get it all ready seems to defeat the purpose of having breakfast in bed. As you can see I had oatmeal with a side of blueberries, a cappuccino and orange juice. I finished every last bite too! I had forgot how nice it was to sit down and enjoy a hot breakfast. Now that Mr. Myles is in my life I usually eat something quick like a bowl of cereal or yogurt. The blueberries were incredibly delicious, especially for being out of season. Usually when I ask for a side of blueberries I get the smallest container with maybe 5 blueberries, that isn’t even enough to have one blueberry per bite of oatmeal! The Crowne Plaza Memphis Downtown did not disappoint with their food!

I mentined how accomodating the staff at the Crowne Plaza Memphis Downtown is but they are also extremely nice. The person at check out, the waitress during dinner, the person who delivered room service were all such a pleasure. It isn’t often that everyone around you is nice, it was an unexpected suprise.

Until next time!

pajamas | Eberjey “Gisele Short PJ Set” in black

Live votre rêve!

Thank you to the Crowne Plaza for hosting my stay. 

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