First Workout Postpartum

post pregnancy workout aerie clothing

I got the clear from my doctor to workout. I was told to start slowly since I’m not nearly as strong as I was before. Crunches, lunges, anything I want to do I’m clear to do. I started with a warm up on the treadmill. I walked for 2 minutes and jogged for 2 minutes. My jog was very slow at 4.8 but I had to remind myself to start slow.

post pregnancy workout aerie clothingSuperset 1: 4 sets of 15

Leg press
Push ups
TRX row

The funny thing about the push-ups is that I was on my knees and it was difficult. Last summer I was able to do them on my feet on the bosu ball. My goal for this summer is to get back on my feet and on the bosu ball! post pregnancy workout aerie clothing post pregnancy workout aerie clothingSuperset 2: 3 sets

Kbox torso rotations x 10 per side
RDL x 12
Lying Hip Abduction x 15 per side
Supermans x 10

The kBox is kinetic flywheel machine but you can do any type of torso rotation. I held 25 lb dumbells for the RDL exercise and hold the supermans for 2 seconds. post pregnancy workout aerie clothingSupersets 3:

Stationary lunge x 10 per leg
Overhead press x 12
Upright row x 12

My quads and chest were very sore the next day. I feel great and I’m looking forward to more workouts, getting stronger and feeling like myself again!

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Live votre rêve!

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