Currently Loving All Things Satin

 something navy satin pumps
Satin is not a material you would think is great for fall. Materials that come to mind during the cooler months are fleece, leather and flannel. When I received these adorable rich rust colored polkadot mule heels in a satin material I just knew they would be perfect for fall. I pictured wearing them with light blue boyfriend jeans and cream chunk knits or an all black outfit. What I didn’t expect to wear with these satin pumps is a satin (silk) tank. So much satin happening and I love it, I even added a satin(ish) blazer!

Lately, I have become really into satin cami’s, especially the ones with lace detailing. They come in basic black and white colors (check out this one for under $30!) but you can also find emerald, maroon and navy which are all perfect for fall and winter. I would wear these satin silk cami’s more often if they were more nursing friendly. If anyone finds a nursing frienly silk cami please let me know!
something navy satin pumpssatin cami with lace
something navy satin pumps
something navy satin pumps
something navy satin pumps  satin cami with lace something navy satin pumps  The Breakdown:
I definetly didn’t plan on wearing so much satin in one outfit but sometimes things go together when you least expect them. I got this satin tank last month to go under my yellow satin robe and now I want to wear it under everything! For this outfit, I had my shoes, jeans and tank and needed something eles on top. I tried on a few different style jackets and this satin jacket looked the best.

tank | Cami NYC ’The Racer Silk Cami
jeans | Mother Denim ’The Looker Frayed Ankle Jeans’ (similar for less)
shoes | Something Navy ‘Whitney Bow Slingback Pump’ (also in black)
jacket | Amanda Uprichard (in blue)
bag | TopShop (similar)
earrings | Brave Design 

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How To Style Silver Booties

silver booties and a graphic teeAfter two failed purchases I finally own the perfect silver booties. I have wanted silver booties since last spring but had a more difficult time finding the right pair than I expected. I’m a sucker for things metallic, my first pair of UGG boots were a gray metallic and I got made fun of all the time wearing them on campus but they were the best. I guess you could say these Alexander Wang silver booties are todays version, what an upgrade from 10 years ago!

As far as styling silver booties, don’t be afraid, think of them as a basic color. How stunning would the silver pop on an all black outfit or to add some glam to an edgy look. You can also pair your silver booties with dress to add a little sparkle to your holiday outfit. I like the contrast of the black heel on my shoes but there are some solid silver booties as well that range from designer prices to a fantastic looking pair under $35! Shop them below.

silver booties and a graphic tee silver booties and a graphic tee silver booties and a graphic tee silver booties and a graphic teesilver booties and a graphic tee silver booties and a graphic teesilver booties and a graphic tee

The Breakdown:

If an outfit consist of highwaisted jeans and a graphic tee then I am going to love it! It gives off such and easy and chill vibe while still looking pulled together. Now that the temperature has dropped I have had to update this look. Now I’m adding jackets, particularly this teddy coat that I adore. It gives off all the cozy feels, keeps me warm and isn’t too bulky. My silver booties are my favorite! This was my second time buying silver boots and I’m so happy I found a pair that are keepers!

t-shrit | DayDreamer ‘Journey Beetle Fly Boyfriend Tee
jacket | Bishop + Young (similar and in black)
jeans | Citizens of Humanity
boots | Alexander Wang ‘Gabi Metallic Booties’  (similar)
bag | Studio 33

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48 Hours in Nashville

thompson hotel nashville

Over the weekend my husband and I took a little trip east to Nashville, TN. A short, three hour drive to Music City was the perfect getaway for us. It was a long summer with the newest addition to our family arriving and we have been going non stop. We are back in Memphis for another basketball season and training camp starts this week which left last weekend to be our last chance to relax as a couple.

I recieved so many recommendations on where to stay, where to eat and where to shop. There is no possible way to hit up all the great spots during our short stay but I did a little research and checked out photos, locations and menus and planned the weekend.


nashville rooftop bar
We checked into the familiar Thompson Hotel around 5:00pm. This hotel has the best interior decorating. It’s clean and modern but has that ethnic boho style that makes the room warm and inviting. Every fixture and print is perfection. Another great thing about the Thompson Hotel is how conveniently located it is. We can walk to a number of restaurants and even a few shops!

Dinner reservations at Merchants were for 8pm so we had a few hours to kill. As always, I immediately wanted to just go walk outside (I always want to be outside!) but realized it was best to get myself together first. I had to pump and shower to get ready for the evening. We went ahead and got dressed and headed to the rooftop bar of our hotel, L.A. Jackson, for a cocktail before dinner. The vibe of this place seemed very east coast to me which I loved. Of course it was packed but we found a great spot along the wall where we could enjoy the city view while sipping on our drinks. I’m on a one drink limit since I don’t want to “pump and dump” and I ended up only having half of my drink which was perfect! Sad to admit I was feeling it too! It’s been a while since I’ve had a cocktail.

Merchants is a three story building that dates back to the late 1800’s that seems to be located in the middle of it all. We couldn’t tell if it was a normal Friday night or if something special was going on in the city but Broadway was packed!!! There were people everywhere, it was very lively and there was incredible people watching. If you eat at Merchants you have to order the Artichoke Dip. I am a medium fan of this dish but I ate every last bit of it- delicious. After dinner we walked around Broadway since it was so happening (and both of our shoes were comfortable!) and headed to Mikes Ice Cream for a little treat.

Saturday //

sen jumpsuit nashville

nashville style beaded headband

Throughout the trip I was pretty much just looking forward to the next restaurant I would be eating at. Milk & Honey is walking distance from our hotel and is always a must for me. Last time we were in town I went twice in one day! Once for lunch and once for coffee. To no surprise the wait was over an hour but we got lucky and snagged a couple seats at the outside bar with no wait! I sipped on an iced lavender honey late while waiting for our breakfast.

Up next was 12 South. My sweet blogger friend Hunter told me to come here and I’m so glad she did because I never would have known about this cute street filled with restaurants and shops. Since we had just ate brunch we weren’t hungry so I stuck to shopping and did some damage at Emerson Grace and Hero. I did stop in Firepot which is a tea bar for an iced drink and stumbled upon the cutest and most affordable Moroccan pillow cases. Most places sell these pillows for around $130 and I snagged one for $68! I have been looking for a pillow for our master sitting area and the one I found is just perfect.

Our in room massages started at 4:00pm so we headed back to the room to pump, relax and get ready for another fun evening. It was supposed to rain most of the weekend and we were really fortunate to dodge most of it. It was a downpour when we went to dinner but luckily we didn’t have plans to walk around like we did the night before. We ate at Oak and sat upstairs which was nice and open. Of course we both ordered steak but when it came to sides I wasn’t sure what to get. I wanted a vegetable but I don’t like asparagus and I cannot stand the texture of creamed spinach, the other veggie option was Crispy Brussels Sprouts but I’ve never ordered Brussels sprouts myself and I didn’t want to waste a side dish so I stuck with potatoes. But then…. our waiter brought them out anyways because they are his favorite and they are now my favorite. They had a sweet and sour Asian type of flavor to them that I will surely be craving!

Sunday //

biscuit love nashville brunchthompson hotel nashville

Our last day in Nashville. I loved spending so much quality time with my husband. It’s amazing how fast life goes on when you have children and how little you actually get to talk with your spouse. We are together all the time, playing with the kids, bathing, feeding and doing bedtime. When it is just the two of us we are exhausted. As much as I missed my babies I loved the one on one time with my husband. For brunch, we saved the best for last… Biscuit Love!

Everyone told me this was a must during my stay in Nashville. It seemed to be a must for everyone else too because from open to close there was a line out the door of this restaurant. Even in the rain there was a line. It almost seemed like that was the thing to do and if you were going to eat at Biscuit Love you were going to stand in line. Everyone was prepared and had rain jackets or umbrellas. Let me tell you, the line is worth the wait.  We started with their famous Bonuts, a sweet and buttery combination of a biscuit and a donut dusted with sugar and topped with lemon mascarpone and blueberry compote. For my meal, I ordered the Egg Plate, which included a biscuit, bacon, eggs, fruit and homemade jam. I love to make my own sandwich with plates like this, one bite of biscuit with jam, bacon and egg… yum yum! Michael ordered the Lily which is a biscuit french toast topped with lemon mascarpone and blueberry compote with their house made syrup. I snagged a bite off his plate and his meal was also delicious, if you want something sweet the Lily is just for you. I can’t forget to mention their fresh squeezed orange juice. Not many restaurants offer fresh squeezed unless you are in Florida or California. Fresh squeeze OJ is one of my favorites so I enjoyed that with my meal and I got a caramel cappuccino to go which I sipped on throughout the drive home.

The staff at Biscuit Love was so nice and welcoming. Even though the restaurant was packed and people were everywhere no one seemed to be rushed or overwhelmed. I loved cozy brunch spot and it was the perfect ending to our trip. Thanks for having us Biscuit Love!!

Mommy Confession //

This was my first time leaving Noah so I was really hesitant to travel too far, I really wanted to be driving distance from home (Memphis) just in case anything were too happen. It was hard to leave Myles too, especially since he can talk and understand we are missing. It breaks my heart to see him sad and miss us but luckily out boys are left in the best hands. I spent the week leading up to my trip pumping after most of my feedings trying to get milk stocked in the freezer. That was so stressful. The first time I left Myles it was for 36 hours, he was 6 months old and sleeping through the night. Noah is 4 months old, still gets up once to eat and I left him for 2 full days.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pump enough milk for my trip so I had to buy formula. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I got teary eyed choosing a formula because I was filled with such guilt. I never had to give Myles formula and I felt like I wasn’t, not sure how to put it, working hard enough for Noah. Maybe I should have started pumping earlier, maybe I shouldn’t have planned to leave for so long. But actually it’s really no big deal. Noah had no problem having a bottle mixed with half breast milk and half formula and I am doing my best and that’s all that matters. I have read that moms have this guilt for not nursing whether it’s by choice or not or that others make them feel guilty for their choices. That is so sad to me and although I had guilt, I’m not sure why tears were brought to my eyes because the most important thing is that we are feeding out baby one way or another.

It has been a while since I added a mommy confession to a post but every once in a while something pops up! You can read a few others here, here, here and here. You can also search “mommy confessions” to read them all.

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Wish List || Fall Midi Skirts

This fall I am trying to switch up my style and go a little out of my comfort zone. I am such a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl that I never buy anything else except for the occasional dress if there is an event to go to. After I wore this skirt here I realized I love the look of  midi skirts and now that’s what I have my eye on right now. I love a midi skirt because it’s an appropriate length for work but can also be dressed down for a night out of the office.

We know plaid is a major fall print but this season I’d say anything goes. I mean that when it comes to how you style your skirt to what print your skirt is. Plaid, animal print, stripes, denim, sequins, pleats, polka dots…. you name it, you can find it. As far as styling goes, think simple sandals, sneakers, moto boots and stilettos. I personally love mixing multiple styles into one outfit like adding a cropped hoodie (you can cut your own!) with the cheetah skirt and stilettos or sneakers with the sequined skirt.

What type of midi skirts do you prefer? I’d love to know how you’d style your skirt!

fall midi skirts

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

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What Is “Too White” To Wear As A Wedding Guest?

Misa ruffle dress wedding attire
When I first saw this white striped ruffle dress I thought it was a jumpsuit. The way the bottom ruffles and slits form make it look just like a jumpsuit. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on and it was a dress. The bow detailing on the sleeves is so darling and really made this dress standout. I got this dress days before I would be attending a rehearsal dinner and it got me thinking, is this dress too white to wear?

Bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and weddings are the three events that women have to be careful what they wear. It’s always up to the bride to decide if you can wear white, cream, ivory, off-white, etc. to their big events. If you don’t know the bride don’t even think about wearing any shade of white. If you are friends with the bride or she is family ask if her she cares what you wear.

For my wedding, I wanted my mom and mother-in-law to wear cream with gold or silver undertones because they looked tied in with the bridal party and made pictures look great. If a wedding guest wore white I wouldn’t have been like “what the heck” but not really cared because it really doesn’t matter. For my rehearsal I didn’t wear white myself and it didn’t bother me one bit if anyone else wore white.

One time I wore a cream lace dress to my friends bridal shower. I asked if she cared and she said she didn’t. She was the type of friend I knew wouldn’t mind but I wanted to ask anyways. I also attended a wedding where the bride wore red and wedding guests were required to wear white or black! You’re better safe than sorry and I’d stay aways from white, cream, ivory or off-white when attending anything wedding related unless you are give the OK from the bride! Beware, she may be offeneded by just you asking if you can wear white.

The Breakdown:
This dress is so much prettier on than hanging on the hanger. Once I had it on I felt like I had to have it. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go in it but somewhere. I didn’t end up wearing this to the rehearsal but I had my birthday and our anniversary in the same week and knew I’d wear it to something! I stuck with nude shoes to help elongate my legs and a simple earring. There is a lot going on with the strips and ruffles so the dress doesn’t need much. I thought I wanted to wear a necklace but none looked right, I think it was because the bow detailing on the sleeves. Sometimes you need to try a few things on until you get the right feeling.

Would you wear white to any wedding related events??

dress | Misa Los Angeles ‘Rosa Dress
shoes | Alexander Wang (similar)
earrings | from Rowe Boutique  (similar)
ring (on index finger) | Gorjana ‘Skyler Cuff Ring

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Cheers to 30!

flynn skye maxi dress birthdayI cannot believe I am officially 30 years old! I am actually feeling very excited as I write this. 30 always seemed very mature and grownup and I feel mature and like a grownup in a good way. When I was younger and in my high school days I thought I would be married with 3 children by the time I was 30, mainly because my mom was married with 3 children by the time she was 30 and I wanted to be just like her. Then I went to college and that seemed impossible because I already felt I was aging but look at me now, I have 2 beautiful children, the sweetest dog, married to the kindest and most handsome man in the world and happy as ever!flynn skye maxi dress birthday
I loved my 20’s. I graduated from college, became an aunt, moved to Memphis, got married, became a mother, started the Living LeReve brand, built a house and lots more. I know my 30’s will only be better because the stress of figuring out all of those things like being a mom, building a house and starting a business are over. I know there will be very stressful times ahead because that’s just how life is but I’m enjoying everything I started in my 20’s.
flynn skye maxi dress birthdayflynn skye maxi dress birthdayflynn skye maxi dress birthdayflynn skye maxi dress birthdayflynn skye maxi dress birthdayflynn skye maxi dress birthdayI wish I could say what I hoped for in this next decade of life but I have no idea. I hope I’m as happy and fulfilled as I am now!

Cheers to 30!

The Breakdown:
I liked this dress on the hanger but when I tried it on I fell in love with it. The dress is completely sheer except for little shorts that are built in to the dress. The pink flowers are summery and femine and match my rose gold balloons! I chose nude shoes so they would kind of disappear, I tried on black heels but it was too harsh and got in the way of this flowy maxi dress. This necklace is super cool and not something I would typically pair with this dress but I love how it turned out and I plan on wearing this necklace with a basic t-shirt as well.

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How To Add Hem Destruction To Your Jeans

diy hem destruction

A couple years ago I ordered a pair of denim that ended up being in my top 5 pairs of favorite jeans. They had slight distressing, were high waisted and the hem was destructed in the perfect way to show off my fall booties. Today I’m neither tucking my jeans into my boots or cuffing them and hem deconstruction is they way I like to go. Therefore, I decided to do some DIY destructing on my older jeans.

The first pair I worked on were my maternity jeans because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out and I didn’t want to mess up my better denim. I loved it so much and had so many questions I decided to destruct the hem on another pair of jeans. This time I chose a pair of basic skinny jeans to show you how to add hem hem destruction

You’ll need:

  • a pair of jeans, skinny or straight
  • scissors
  • seam ripper
  • razor blade/box opener
  • cardboard

Optional items:

  • ruler
  • pen
  • tweezers

diy hem destruction

Start by cutting the hem off the jeans. Cut just above the stitch line. Keep in mind the side seam of your jeans is going to be the bottom so cut where you want that to hit on your ankle. I let my side seams as is and cut just the front and back. 2-3 inches above your hem make your first cut with the razor or you can take your ruler and measure exactly and mark it with the pen. Put your jeans on the cardboard before you make any cuts to prevent your counters from getting scratched. Do that on the front and back of each pant leg. I eyeballed it because it doesn’t have to be perfect.

You can sketch the area you want to be cut and fringed before starting. I also eyeballed this since it doesn’t have to be perfect. Use your razor blade to start putting slices in the jeans, start at the bottom and make your way to the first mark you made. Don’t forget to make sure your jeans are on the cardboard. Make sure your slices are straight  across, if you go at an angle you will cut the white threading of your jeans and you wont have as much fringe. You will lose some and that is ok.

diy hem destruction

diy hem destruction

After sliceing the front and the back of your jeans start ripping the slices. This will help start the fraying process. Open up all the holes as much as possible. Next you can use your fingers or tweezers to start pulling the white strings across, some will be lost and some will be cut and end up on one side. You may need to use your seam ripper to start the removing process but you should have quite a few loose threads from the step before when you opened the holes. For the white pieces of thread that have not been cut you can cut or rip them anywhere but do that at the end to save time. Once enough pieces of white thread are removed you can pick off chunks of the blue threading and discard.

diy hem destruction

Once you are finished toss your jeans into the wash to straighten out the white fringe! You now have the perfect pair of denim with hem deconstruction.


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Breaking Down Maternity Jeans

blogger maternity denim
Many of you have asked me what my maternity style is. Where to find cute and economical maternity clothes including jeans as well as nursing friendly clothing. I try my hardest not to buy too many maternity items because they can only be worn for a short period of time. There are some items you can’t live without and your body will be much happier if you just wear maternity, like jeans.
Unless your baby is due at the end of summer and you can go the last trimester in maxi dresses I suggest investing in a few great pair of maternity jeans. They don’t have to cost a fortune or even fit perfectly because your body will be changing so quickly what may fit one week will fit differently the next. The jeans I am wearing in these photos quickly became my favorite after I distressed the hem and updated them a bit.
blogger maternity denim
Target: Super affordable denim. They can be a little baggy in the zipper area but once you hit the end of your pregnancy they will fit like a glove. The looseness is actually really nice because anything too tight is uncomfortable.
H&M: I found a pair of these in the sale section at my local H&M and absolutely loved them. I was surprised they fit so well. This is another affordable brand but not all stores carry maternity so you might have to order a few online.
DL1961: This brand is a little more expensive but I often wear my side panel jeans early in my pregnancy and for months after. They are very soft and comfortable.
Citizens of Humanity: It does feel nice to wear good quality denim. It’s hard to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes but if you find a great pair of jeans you’ll wear all the time it is worth the splurge. They can also be worn for your other pregnancies or you can let family or friends borrow them when you aren’t pregnant.
A Pea In The Pod: I went into this store for the first time a month before I had Noah. I never went to the store during my first pregnancy because I assumed this store was more matronly than I prefer to dress. There are some conservative pieces but I was so surprised at how many great brands they had! I got these shorts from there that were in the sale section.
blogger maternity denim
That subtle elastic panel is great for the early and middle part of your pregnancy. I also love to wear them post pregnancy. Your midsection is still going to be larger than normal after you deliver and it’s nice to where comfortable jeans. Don’t put all your maternity clothes away just yet!
The belly panel is very comfortable during the later months of pregnancy. You dont’t have to worry about anything digging into you and it helps disguise your belly button if it became an outie!
This tee now comes in black! Along with this white one I have the orange too, not sure I need the black but you know when you really love something you want it in every color available. That is how I feel with this shirt.
The Breakdown
After I did my little DIY project to the hem of these jeans they became my go towards the end of my pregnancy. I had worn these jeans with this same top in this post and I loved the combo so much that I wore the outfit weekly. I thought it would be good to show you guys a different way to style it. This long blazer was worn a lot last month, it’s been the perfect thing to dress up any look and is great for the chilly air conditioned indoors during the hot summer months.
jacket | Alice and Olivia ‘Kylie Collar Jacket’ (simialr for less)
top | 7 For All Mankind ‘Knot Front Tee’ (on SALE)
jeans | Target
shoes | Malone Souliers ‘Maureen Sandal Mules
bag | Top Shop ‘Petal 3D Embroidered Bag
earrings | LeLe Sadoughi ‘Rio Banded Drop Earrings
necklace | Vita Fede (similar)
watch | Rolex
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One Pieces

Memorial weekend had be in the mood to do a little swimsuit shopping. I am a bikini girl at heart but 2 weeks post baby has me still feeling a certain way about my midsection so I’m opting for one pieces at the moment. Next up will be high waisted bottoms and hopefully before swimsuit season is over I’ll be back in my bikinis! 
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
While searching online for the perfect one piece I noticed there are sooo many swim sales going on right now!
PacSun: Buy one, get one 50% off swim
American Eagle: 25-60% off all swim
Nordstrom: Anniversary Sale
Target: Free shipping & free returns on swim
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Floral Maxi Bump Style + My OCD Ways

rachel roy jacket nordstrom dress
Looking back at all of my maternity looks from this pregnancy and my first pregnancy this has to be my most favorite outfit! The pretty flowers, the gorgeous purple and the embellished cut-off jacket is the perfect finishing touch for me. This post is more to share a little bit more about me and the few things that I like to have a certain way. A few of these are things that I even change at other peoples houses! Some say I have a little bit of OCD but I know I’m not the only one who feels this way bout the list below, which not in any order 🙂

nordstrom rachel roy

1. tissue paper needs to roll over not under
2. loose knobs on cabinets
3. toothpaste on the tube
4. body wash spilled down the side
5. hangers need to face the same direction (and be the same color and style)
6. money needs to be in order and the same direction
The toilet paper is something I switch when I’m places and if I open a drawer with a loose knob I’ll try and tighten it. The rest is how I like things for me in my house. Which of these bother you too??
romwe bag
I’m never one to buy a knockoff bag, I do not own any fake Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc. but there are a number of companies who make similar bags without trying to stick a designer logo on it. I got this bag from a website that I had never shopped at before and fell in love with the color of this bag. After I got it is when I realized Chloe had a very similar bag out that’s, of course, much more luxurious!
nordstrom floral maxi dres
blogger maternity style
nordstrom floral maxi dress
rachel roy denim jacket
nordstrom floral maxi dress
The Breakdown
I can’t express how happy I was to find a dress that fit my bump and wasn’t fitted or t-shirt style. Those two styles were my go to this pregnancy but towards the end I got a little tired of it. I found this maxi dress in the BP section at Nordstrom and was so happy that it fit!! This dress is so cute, bump or no bump, the hem has a great flare and the buttons are an adorable touch. These shoes I have had since I got married and they are extremely worn because they are so comfortable! You can see how I wore them here, here, here and here and these are just the times I blogged in them, not to mention all the weddings I’ve worn them too. This green bag goes great with this dress and the denim jacket adds a little edge to it.
jacket | Rachel Roy ‘Embellished Crop Denim Jacket
dress | Nordstrom ‘Floral Button Front Maxi
shoes | Prada
earrings | Express ‘Double Knot Earrings


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Matching Your Handbag And Shoes

pregnant fashion blogger
Is it ok to match your bag and shoes? I feel like this is something my grandmothers did. I am all about coordinating and not one to match, especially something so perfectly like this bright white leather I am sporting on my shoes and bag. When it came time to choosing a bag for this outfit, the white bag was the only one I liked.
mike conley wife pregnant
mary conley maternity style
So there is no right or wrong answer to matching your shoes and handbag. Like all fashion statements, they are opinions and if you like matching your shoes and handbag then you should! While I was typing this post I was trying to really think about if I liked matching or not. I used to always think no, I was not a fan or matching shoes and bags or belts and shoes, etc. Now it depends on the color I suppose. I personally wouldn’t match neon shoes with a neon bag or red shoes with a red bag. I suppose if they are neutrals I am ok for them to match, bolder colors I prefer for them to be on their own
mary conley maternity style
maternity style in free people
blogger matching accessories
blogger matching accessories
blogger matching accessories
The Breakdown:
At 38 weeks pregnant I am not finding much that fits me. I am dying to go shopping (and to try a few new trends) but have been holding off because what fits me now won’t fit me later, unless I find a great flowy piece that fits in my normal size like the dress! This dress comes in a few different colors and I love this peach and pink option. This dress is airy and light so I chose the white accessories and light brown sunglasses and feminine drop earrings.
dress | Free People ‘Wind Willow Mini Dress
shoes | Schutz ‘Aide Leather Stiletto
sunglasses | BP Nordstrom ‘Gradient Petit Aviators

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5 Styles I’m Looking Forward To Wearing Post Baby

There are so many trends that I want to try. Even if it doesn’t look right on me I want to at least go into a dressing room and try it on. Some trends have been around and there is now a newer version and some trends are new this spring. The hard part about most of these is that they aren’t nursing friendly. I will have to pick and choose my styles and when I wear them wisely.
1. Jumpsuits
These are such an easy thing to throw on! I love that they are as easy as a dress to wear but gives off a totally different vibe. During the early stages of my pregnancy I tried to wear jumpsuits but they never looked right. You can see my past jumpsuit looks hereherehere and here.

2. Two Piece Sets
To me this trend is new for this spring. There have been a lot of monochromatic looks in the past but now there are matching sets everywhere! Would love to see how I feel in them, something with a great print. I do know I won’t be in this trend anytime soon, a two piece set means some skin will show and I need to get my 9 month pregnant belly back down to a reasonable size! Shop some I have my eye on below!
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3. High Waisted Pants
I really want my jeans back. So many have a high waist and that is going to be perfect for me, they should even cover up my post baby pooch during the first few months! Along with my high waisted jeans there are so many high waisted pants I have and have my eye on. I just need a waist again to get this trend back in action. See more of my high waisted pants/jeans here, here and here.

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4. Tie Front Tops
I’m not sure if this trend is too young for me or not. I again will need to get my body a little bit back in shape to wear some of these options. I feel like I like this trend but I’m also a little worried it’s already too popular. Shop my favorites below.
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5. Dresses With A Waist
I have bored you guys with tight fitted dresses this pregnancy because they fit me regardless of how big my belly got! I wont be able to wear those dresses until I get my abs back because no one wants to see a flabby belly in a tight dress. Dresses I will be able to rock after this baby comes are dresses with a waist line. This style of dress will accentuate the waist that had disappear and will help hide the little post baby pooch that is inevitable. Dresses can be tricky to nurse in and I don’t need to be hiking up the whole dress to feed my baby so I’ll have to be thoughtful when dressing. Check out some of my favorite dresses on the blog: herehere, here, here and here.

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What trend are you swooning over this spring and summer??
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