The Updated Bomber Jacket

rachel roy long bomber jacket
I’m still catching up on all my Memphis Fashion Week posts and what I wore. Once again, Rachel Roy graciously gifted me with outfits and I got to wear this amazing long bomber jacket that I am obsessed with! I’ve always loved bomber jackets and now that it comes in a long version it is even more fashion forward.
rachel roy long bomber jacket
rachel roy long bomber jacket
Is this not the coolest bomber jacket?! I absolutely love how it’s a cross between the very popular duster and bomber. The pockets are a bonus! It is sporty and dressy and can be worn for multiple occasions.
rachel roy long bomber jacket
rachel roy long bomber jacket
I wore this outfit to the Saturday night show at the car museum at Graceland. Prior to the show the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau treated us to a tour of The Guesthouse at Graceland where we were served appetizers and cocktails. I of course enjoyed ginger beer in a champagne flute and all the bread I could get my hands on. I had never been to The Guesthouse and was blown away by how cool it was! The outside is a giant hotel version of what the actual Graceland house looks like. The inside of the hotel is very modern and trendy.
It even has it’s own, very large, theater.
bloggers at graceland car museum
rachel roy long bomber jacket
rachel roy long bomber jacket
rachel roy long bomber jacket


 The Breakdown:
I was so excited about this bomber when I saw it online and even more excited when I saw it in person. I initially thought of wearing it with white joggers and a t-shirt but decided to be a little more dressed up with this LBD that I wore on New Year’s Eve this past year. Like all clothes, I hope I didn’t stretch this dress out too much! These boots seem to go with every thing I choose to wear these days and they are so incredibly comfortable! I have to say I felt pretty good considering I was 36 weeks pregnant and on my feet for more than half the day but having a comfortable heel was very nice!
jacket | Rachel Roy ‘Floral Print Duster Bomber
dress | (similar)
shoes | Dolce Vita ‘Renly Leather Block Heels
bag | Balenciaga ‘BB Round Small Embroidered Bag
earrings | Bauble Bar ‘Vernice Hoop Earrings


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A Whole Lot Of Belly On Beale, Too Much?

When I was walking on Beale Street a couple weeks ago there were a few people that made comments towards me because of my pregnancy. It was a little awkward because I wasn’t feeling pregnant and I was just walking with my friends. Now that I see these pictures I understand (somewhat) why people were looking, I look like I’m about to pop. In reality I still had 1 month to go! But that still doesn’t give a stranger the right to comment on my body or tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing because I’m pregnant.
Have any of you mothers experienced awkward pregnancy comments from strangers?
It’s not only the comments but the stares. I am still just a normal person that just that happens to be carrying a child. Only one child too. Can you imagine if women really sat at home during the end of their pregnancy because they looked so different than the rest of society? That would be awful. I actually went to a Cold Play concert two days before I had my first child. A few people asked when I was due after complimenting me. That is the correct way to make a comment to a pregnant women, always include a compliment. I will contine to be out and about no matter how large I look or how far out my belly is popping.
Casual sneakers and a dressy bag turned into a great combo!
Girls take Beale Street!
The Breakdown:
I love mixing high and low items, even casual and dressy. This look could be easily worn to a dressy event like a wedding or rehearsal if I added heels. The metallic bag, fitted dress and scarf are all pieces that can be dressed up or down, since I added sneakers the outfit instantly became casual. Before we went to Beale Street we toured the Rock ’n’ Soul Museum (which happens to be basically connected to the FedEx Forum and I never knew!) and I had been in heels the night before and was going to be in them later this night so snearks were a must. I also wore this dress in September right when I found out I was pregnant! It was the last shoot where I felt like my abs still existed, click here to read it!


dress | Bec & Bridge
scarf | Tanya Taylor ‘Kelly Scarf
bag | Balenciaga ‘BB Round Small Embroidered Bag
shoes | Vans ‘Old Skool Sneakers
earrings | Bubble Bar ‘Vernice Hoop Earrings

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Pregnancy || Round Two And Still Loving It

I love being pregnant and I know I am very lucky. It makes me so sad when I hear mothers talk about how awful they feel only because being pregnant is a blessing and it’s a shame to not be able to enjoy it. Each pregnancy is different and my first and second are different in their own ways but, fortunately, I have felt great both times! No nausea, no morning sickness and just the occasional back pain towards the end but how can you not expect that with all this extra weight.
I almost forgot that at the beginning of both pregnancies my skin always breaks out. The change in hormones does not do a mama good and my shoulders, chest and back turn into a mess. Luckily, it isn’t my face but the breakouts do make me cautious to wear cold shoulder tops or anything that exposes the excessive amount of pimples. This time around I developed a skin rash, dermatographism, that kept me up at night and it took a while to diagnose it. The problem with skin rashes or any situation during pregnancy is you are limited to what medications you can take. After be prescribed anything from the dermatologist and allergist I double checked with my doctor and the pharmacist that it was safe. When the dermatographism flares up I can take a Xyzal at night and a Claritin in the morning but I try not to take them because I feel guilty. The later in my pregnancy the better I feel about taking medicine but in the first trimester I am extra strict on what I put in and on my body.
Things I Worry About
I’ve actually enjoyed this pregnancy more than my first because I am more relaxed (partially because I don’t have time to worry with my energetic toddler running around). I was so nervous during my first pregnancy that it wasn’t going to workout or something would be wrong with the baby. This time around I have learned to just enjoy what I’m going through since the rest is out of my control. I also haven’t been able to pay as much attention because I am giving so much attention to Myles. That actually makes me feel a little guilty. I know it’s only going to be worse when the new baby gets here but I am prepared for the mom guilt!
I worry about Myles more than anything. Right now he is our whole world and he is still a baby and needs a lot of attention and help with life. I hate that he is going to feel jealous and sad, maybe even angry, when the new baby gets here. I actually felt this way about our dog when we had Myles and feel bad for him too. Poor Rio has been struggling with the change and the baby isn’t even here yet!
Occasionally, I worry about how to even manage two kids alone. I know I’ll have help at the beginning, I have an amazing husband who is a wonderful father and family near by who can help too! I try not to actually think about how to care for two kids on no sleep because it’s a little scary and stressful. I’ll figure it out as it comes, don’t we all?!
Things To Figure Out
A lot of people have asked about a nursery. I haven’t really put one together. Myles will be going through enough changes and sleeps great in his room at night (naps are another story) and I don’t want to disrupt that. The new baby will be in our room for the first couple months and I feel like we will be back in Memphis when it’s time for him to be in his own room. I did buy a second crib in Memphis because he will be older by than and I’m not ready for Myles to be out of his crib. He’s too adventurous and we have a good thing going on now! When we are back in Ohio next summer Myles will definitely be in a toddler bed and the new baby will have his crib.Another reason I haven’t actually set up a nursery is because I think they will share a room. I loved sharing a room with my siblings. I know they are young but if they don’t keep each other up I think it will be great for them to share. With that said,  I have a changing pad on my current dresser that I have filled with clothes, diapers and wipes and that is the “nursery”.

Some Facts
– No stretch marks with either pregnancy… so lucky! Thanks to Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.
– I gained 38 pounds with Myles and so far 32 pounds with this baby (3 weeks to go!).
– I breastfed Myles for 14 months and hope to have a good experience with this baby (fingers crossed).
– I craved macaroni and cheese during the first trimester.
– I’m self conscious of my belly button that popped out much sooner this pregnancy.
– My workout routines remained the same with a few adjustments towards the end. I actually ran the St. Jude half marathon at 4 months pregnant!
– Myles came on his due date so I’m assuming this baby will too!
– I had to have an emergency C-section with Myles and I’m hoping to have a VBAC this time around.
– I want to have a third child or to keep having children till I have that complete feeling 🙂 I love being a mom and having a family with my husband. It is so rewarding.
The Breakdown:
This outfit screams spring with all of the pastels. I am loving lavender lately and have purchased a blazer, sneakers, and occasionally due my eye makeup in this color. During Memphis Fashion Week I wore this dress with the blazer and had a whole lot of lavender going on but it was fantastic. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any solo pictures in that outfit. Back to this look, I added this ruffled denim jacket for a more casual and playful vibe. The dress cannot be worn without at jacket this far in my pregnancy. There are just too many bumps popping out all over! I wore these nude open toe shoes to switch up my look from the white mules I’ve been wearing daily. My shoes come in black and in a closed toe version that I have my eye on!
Click here to read about about my pregnancy with Myles.
jacket | Rebecca Taylor ‘Denim Peplum Jacket’ (more sizes here)
dress | Ena Costa ‘Rib Tank Dress
shoes | Steve Madden ‘Ferris Knit Peep Toe Booties’ (in black)
bag | Burberry Spring 2014 Bag (similar)
earrings | (similar)
necklace | Express (similar)

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Shades of Blue

I didn’t realize how many shades of blue I was wearing until I added these photos to this post. I wore this outfit for our Headliner Luncheon during Memphis Fashion Week featuring Rachel Roy. Rachel was so sweet to send influencers a variety of clothing of our choice to wear to the events! I was hesitant of what to pick out due to my belly, thinking nothing would fit me. Turned out everything I ordered fit perfectly except the dress for this luncheon! I didn’t know what to do I had ordered a size up and the zipper was still inches from closing! The dress I planned on wearing was actually the pink one that Hunter and Collins are wearing, we would have been triplets!
I had all my other outfits planned for MFW and didn’t want to break them up but I still had no idea on what to wear for the luncheon. The night before the luncheon was the trunk show and Rachel Roy was selling her stuff and I tried lots of things on and jackets were the only thing working. I walked away with this gorgeous mint colored jacket that has matching pants that are to die for!!! Oh, I would have loved to wear the pants, they are high wasted and have front buttons. Anyways, those weren’t going to work and I had to come up with something from my closet. I have had this dress for years and wore it quite a bit during my first pregnancy and before that! I’m hoping I didn’t stretch it out because I would like to wear it post baby!
Rachel Roy speaking with Memphis Fashion Design Network and Memphis Fashion Week director, Abby Phillips.
 Influencers from Memphis, Little Rock, Nashville and Knoxville dressed in Rachel Roy.
Wearing booties wasn’t the plan but it stormed the night before the event and the temperature dropped dramatically! These booties are my go to with the dress and kept me warm.
(photos by Mary Kate Steele)
The Breakdown:
This outfit was thrown together last minute since my originally dress didn’t fit. Once I found this blazer I had to figure out the rest. The night before I wore a jacket and joggers and the next night was a wearing a solid colored dress and long blazer so I knew I didn’t want to wear anything like that. Joggers and fitted dresses are really all that fit me and I didn’t want to wear jeans to this luncheon and was very happy to find this striped number in my closet. I wore this dress when I found out I was pregnant with Myles and these booties, something about this navy combo I love. The mint blazer made it feel spring like, it is April after all, and the headband scarf was a last minute add to change up my everyday curled hair.blazer | Rachel Roy ‘Mint Leaf Blazer’ (and the pants!)
dress | Michael Stars (similar)
shoes | Rag and Bone (similar)
earrings | Bauble Bar ‘Vernice Hoop Earrings
necklace | Rachel Roy ‘Pave Tusk Necklace
headband | Tanya Taylor ‘Kelly Scarf
bag | Balenciaga ‘BB Small Embroidered Bag


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Influencers Take Sun Studios

Over the weekend Memphis Fashion Week 2018 took place. This year we did something a little different and we invited four influencers outside of Memphis to join in our the festivities. The Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau got on board and hosted us to tour Sun Studios and the Rock ’n’ Soul Museum. I am very excited to blog about Memphis Fashion Week, the shows, the events and my outfits but I’m going to start with the Sun Studio’s tour.

(from L to R)
Rochelle, Hunter, Lacey, Megan, Greta, myself and Collins.

It was a lot of fun getting to tour the “birthplace of rock ’n’ roll”. I’ve lived in Memphis for almost 8 years now and I didn’t even know about Sun Studios! Not sure how that was but I am happy to know about it now. I knew Memphis had a lot of history but now I’m aware of just how much history is really here. As interested as I was I know my dad would love to go on this tour. The whole time I kept thinking how my family would love this, so next time they are here this is going to be on our to-do list!

The Breakdown:
I was very unsure about this dress. There is a lot of fabric to it and since it drapes over my belly it made me look huge under it since there is no shape to the dress. The dress is better in person because it give some movement and the jewels at the neckline help make the dress look less like a sheet. The day before our Sun Studio’s tour I was in heels more than half the day and I planned on wearing heels later this evening as well, sneakers were a must. We were doing a lot of walking around and the silver toe on my shoes were prefect with the silver accent in the jewels.
How do you guys feel about this causal look?
dress | McQ Alexander McQueen ‘Embellished Loose Ruffle Dress
bag | Stella McCartney ‘Floral Embroidered Falabella Box Bag
earrings | I designed them!
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Flowing Into Warm Weather In A Floral Kimono

Kimono’s and jackets have been very popular for me this season. I love that I can order my normal size and it will fit now and after I have the baby. I hate to purchase maternity clothes this far in my pregnancy because I only have one month left and that would be a waste. Therefore, I am repeating my maternity jeans over and over, wearing stretchy tanks and dresses and throwing on a blazer or kimono to pull the look together. If it ever gets warm enough I’ll wear my stretchy maxi dresses!
You can get 15% off a Daniel Wellington watch using code LIVINGLEREVE. My favorite look for less bag (under $50) is now available in red, pink and gray.
 This kimono can be styled in so many different ways. I chose a lot of dark accessories which isn’t very spring like but takes on a more classy vibe. This kimono can definitely be worn with cut off shorts, a white tee and flats or sneakers for a causal take. The tank I am wearing is a maternity tank from H&M that I order early on in my pregnancy, my jeans are also maternity and I just got them! Citizens of humanity was kind enough to send me a pair of their maternity jeans. You know I love my Target maternity jeans but having a better quality designer denim is really nice, I have to admit. This pair has elastic panel inserts at the waist and a straight leg. I needed to cuff them, like I do most of my jeans, but they fit like a glove and I ordered my normal denim size.
I found a pretty similar look for less here and it’s under $30!


The Breakdown:
Maternity jeans and knit dresses are my basics right now. I start with those since that is what fits and start styling the rest of my outfit from there. I was debating between shades of white or black with this floral kimono and black seemed right for the day. It was sunny and beautiful but was actually quite chilly. Spring, where are you! This kimono will be equally cute in the middle of summer over shorts and a tee, a dress or even a swimsuit!kimono | MISA Los Angeles ‘Amina Kimono
tank | H&M ‘Maternity Tank

jeans | Citizen of Humanity ‘Emerson Maternity Slim Boyfriend

shoes | Steve Madden ‘Daisie Stiletto Pumps
watch | Daniel Wellington (get 15% off with code LIVINGLEREVE)
bag | Express ‘Quilted Camera Bag


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Memphis Fashion Week – Sneek Peak

I had the privilege of browsing through garments created by this years Memphis Fashion Week designers. Bluff City Lights teamed up with The Scout Guide Memphis and the Memphis Fashion Design Network to showcase designers runways pieces and items you can find at local Memphis shops. 
“I chose to wear a kimono wrap designed by MEREDITH OLINGER, one of this years 2018 Emerging Designers. Since the kimono consists of a lot of fabric and I am not able to accentuate my waist, I wanted to wear something solid and fitted, leaving the focus on the kimono. My Sympli navy dress and Eri Shalla straw bag is from KITTIE KYLE. I love how my yellow Lele Sadoughi earrings from JOSEPH add a strong contrasting element to the look while making it feel like spring. My Aquazzura shoes, also from Joseph, help elongate my body which is needed with the long kimono and the bracelets, from Joseph, add some ethnicity which ties in the handbag and feel of the kimono. The wrap belt is hand made by the emerging designer and complements the outfit perfectly.”
The Breakdown:
To read about my look and what I pieced with my EMDP kimono designed by Meredith Olinger head over to The Scout Guide! You’ll also be able to see style by the other Bluff City Lights girls, Megan, Alex and Collins
kimono | Meredith Olinger
dress | Sympli ‘Sleeveless Tank Dress’ from Kittie Kyle
bracelets | from Joseph
shoes | Aquazzura ‘Morena Sandal’ in red from Joseph
earrings | Lele Sadoughi ‘Calla Lily Drop Earrings’ from Joseph 

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Jeans And A White Tee With A Twist

I’ve worn this shirt three times since I opened it out of the box which was only a week ago! I love the twist knot in the front and it fits perfectly over my bump. This shirt isn’t maternity so I wasn’t sure if it would work perfectly or be a disaster. I did size up but I plan on ordering the other colors in my normal size for post baby, I’m going to wait and see if they go on sale first!

This shirt is on sale but today is the last day! Saks Fifth Avenue is having their Friends & Family Sale and this shirt is 25%  off,  it comes in white and a burnt orange color, actually the color of my bag. 

The Breakdown:
Jeans and a white tee are classic, you can never go wrong. I love adding an extra twist (no pun intended) to this classic outfit and I chose this twist-knot tee. I absolutely love it. I did order a size up and it is a little oversize but will be easy to wear with the new baby. I’m always looking for clothes that I can wear during pregnancy and post pregnancy that are nursing friendly and this tee fits the bill which is why I bought it in the orange color too. Today is the last day to get it fo 25% off! I am in love with these shoes. I pretty much want to wear them with every outfit I put together but am afraid you guys are already tired of seeing them. They are very comfortable and easy to slip on. These earrings are being worn a lot lately too, they make a statement while remaining neutral. This bright bag I love very much. Round bags are very popular at the moment, specifially in bamboo or straw. I am staying away from that major trend and opting for round leather bags. 
top | 7 For All Mankind ‘Knot Front Tee’ 
jeans | Target ‘Maternity Inset Panel Jegging’ 
bag | Madewell ’The Juno Circle Crossbody Bag’ 
shoes | Dolce Vita ‘Renly Backless Mules’ 
earrings | J. Crew ’Tortoiseshell Drop-Hoop Earrings’ 

Live votre rêve!

Babymoon: A Blog Shoot Or Maternity Shoot

Over the weekend I took my mom and son to Florida for a little getaway. It was Easter weekend which was a great excuse to travel but I like to consider this trip as my babymoon. I never had a babymoon for Myles and didn’t think I would get one with baby #2. Having a child is extremely life changing and I think a babymoon is one of the best things a couple can do. Obviously, I wasn’t with my husband because he couldn’t get off work which we were both really sad about. By the time he is able to get some time off work I won’t be able to travel because I’ll be too far along in my pregnancy. Luckily, my mom was off on Friday so she was able to come with me!
Traveling with a toddler is exhausting. Traveling while in the third trimester with a toddler is extremely exhausting and you should think twice before doing it alone (saving that topic for another post). I even thought about stay another day or two with just Myles and I since my mom had to get back to work on Monday but I knew I wouldn’t have the energy. Getting a beach chair, towels, toys, multiples cups of water throughout the day, all our meals and snacks. That is a lot of walking around and back-and-forths. Myles is a great walker but he also likes to be held so to do all of those things while possible carrying him was too much to think about. 
The reason I titled this post “A Blog Shoot Or Maternity Shoot” is because I considered my taking photos in this outfit a blog shoot. This skirt was very popular on my instastories, I was on a pretty beach, so it was fitting to snap a few more photos for my blog to share the details with you guys. After I was done shooting, Myles and I were playing near the water (make sure you scroll down to see the sweetest picture of him) and there was a mom taking photos of her children and told me it was so beautiful that I was documenting my pregnancy. I had never thought of any of my blog shoots while being pregnant as “documenting” but she has a good point. I love that I have documented so much of my pregnancies and that I can go back and find them on my blog!
The Breakdown:
This skirt arrived right before I left on my trip and was perfect timing. This short trip was very casual and I didn’t need to pack anything other than a couple swim suits, a cover-up, pajamas, and one or two causal outfits. The place we stayed had a few different restaurants on the property so there was no need to get dressed up and drive somewhere. They also played kid movies every night near the pool! Needless to say, we stayed in our suits from the moment we came down for breakfast and changed just before dinner so that after the movie we could all go straight to bed. 
Does this shoot feel like a maternity shoot to you guys?
shirt | Madewell ‘Knot Front Tee’ 
skirt | Free People ‘Way Of The Wind Print Maxi Skirt’ (in blue)
bracelet | Jenny Byrd ‘Lizzie Cuff’ (on SALE!)
earrings | J. Crew ‘Tortoiseshell Drop-Hoop Earrings’ 
chain ring | Gorjana
cuff ring | Vita Fede 
Live votre rêve!
While I was taking pictures, Myles was being as cute as could be playing with this sand truck! He was so cold and exhausted but did not want to go up to the room to shower. 
You can find Myles’s swim trunks here for under $10!


Top 10 Rain Jackets For Spring

We are all happy spring is here but that means rain is here too. I have never owned a proper rain jacket because the only time I was in the rain was to go from point A to point B. Now that I’m an active mother, I like to play in the rain with my son. Standing in the rain for long periods of time requires a rain jacket! Trust me, I’ve tried other jackets and the water will go right through. A few things I require for myself in the rain jacket department are water proof (duh!), a hood and pockets. I wouldn’t mind if the jackets matched my rain boots either!
Below you can find my top 10 rain jackets. Some are super chic and some are as simple and practical as they come. What do you guys look for in a rain jacket?
top 10 rain jackets for spring
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 
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I’m Ready For Spring in Florals

Flowers are officially blooming and I’m stocking my wardrobe up with floral prints. The first day of spring was Tuesday and in Memphis it was a dreary, cold and rainy day. I know spring is a mix of rain and sunshine but I’m so ready for the warmth to be here for good!
I’m so ready for warmer weather that today I bought a few indoor plants, potted them and scattered them around the house. I usually do my outdoor flowers in the middle or end of April but I think my belly will be too big for that this year.
Still having to wear my suede booties because it isn’t quite warm enough to go full on spring style with sandals and a short dress.
The Breakdown:
 You may have seen I wore a black fitted dress with flowers on it for my baby shower earlier this week. I’m realizing fitted dresses are very comfortable right now and will it me post baby too. Fitted dresses can show off a little too much especially when I have a large bump growing in the front and all my other bumps are growing a little also. Adding a jacket helps balance out the look and is handy when the temperature drops at night. When the weather is warmer I’ll wear this dress with flat sandals and a cropped denim vest.
jacket | Free People ‘Denim Jacket
dress | H&M (designer version here)
shoes | Sigerson Morrison ‘Kiran Bow Suede Booties’ (similar for less)
sunglasses | Ray-Ban ‘Round Double-Bridge Sunglasses’ (similar for less)
bag | Balenciaga ‘Round Small Embroidered Bag

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An Appropriate Office Party Outfit With 20twelve

Now that Thanksgiving is over I imagine your in boxes will be filling up with office party invitations. I don’t have a 9-5 job and will not be attending an “office party” but I will be attending a few holiday work parties. I wanted to focus this post for those who are in the office and need guidance on what to wear. I teamed up with 20twelve to showcase their beautiful clothing and accessories. 
 This outfit was a lot of fun to pick out. Since I don’t work in an office I was able to think about how I would dress if I did and what the office life is like these days. I used to work in an office and I had to wear black or brown slacks and a button up collared shirt, each day we had a different colored shirt too! I would love to know if the office still dresses like that (I hope not)! I didn’t have much to experiment during my office days but now my girlfriends who work in offices where the chicest outfits and they all seem to be pretty casual too. 
 This color, dainty earrings and large necklace are really not my style. This is a very feminine look but it is beautiful and it feels good to dress outside of your comfort zone every once in a while. 
 I personally prefer clutches if I think I may be uncomfortable in a situation. Holding on to your clutch give you something to do with your hands, grab a drink and you are all set. Now, if you are a social butterfly and plan on drinking, eating, mingling and shaking peoples hands, I suggest opting for a bag that has a delicate strap like this one so you can have your hands available. 

The Breakdown:
You most likely don’t wear jeans to work (unless it’s Friday) but some type of skirt, pant or a dress. After hours you can relax a bit more, personally and physically. But remember your boss, the boss’s boss and so on may be at the party so be appropriate. This pencil skirt is perfect for the office and even better for the holiday season because it is so detailed with the lace and ruffles. You could wear this skirt with a modern button up and blazer or go for a sweater in a fun color. Lately, I have been into mixing pink and navy together and love the combination of the two. I kept the outfit classic by pairing it with basic black pumps. If your office is more fashion forward or fashion accepting try a fun bootie like this pair. 
*sweater | Co ‘3/4 Cropped Sweater’ in rose (in white)
*skirt | Alexis ‘Jensine Lace Skirt’ (similar for less)
*clutch | Jerome Dreyfuss ‘Popoche Medium Pouch’ (similar)
*necklace | HML of Berlin (sold at 20twelve)
*earrings | Aureile Biedermann ‘Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings’ 
*bracelet | Wouters & Hendrix ‘Bracelet’ – 30% off! (ring version)
*all of these items are currently for sale at 20twleve.
Live votre rêve!
Once again 20twelve will be offering 10% off your holiday office style in store if you mention this post! Happy shopping!
Thank you 20twelve for providing your style for this post.