Wrapping Up Shorts Season

sport chic in shortsHappy Friday! I am so happy today because I am able to share my new blog with you all! I have been working with Smash Creative for the past few months and love what we have put together. There are a few new features that I know you will love and I can’t wait to share more content with you guys.

Last week it snowed, not only in the mountains but at our house. We woke up and could barely see the grass. We had enough snow that the boys put on their snow clothes and played outside, they even made a couple of snow angels. I think I was the only one in the house not thrilled by the glittering white substance that graced our yard. I only felt that way because it was still early October, winter was here and I didn’t know where fall had gone. I thought for sure shorts season was over. Luckily, fall is back and we have had a beautiful couple of days!

I was able to wear shorts yesterday (the outfit I wore is on sale!) and this is today’s look. After looking at the forecast for the next 10 days I’m pretty confident it’s time to wrap up shorts season for fall in SLC. It really is so easy to swap one item of an existing outfit and make it appropriate for a new season. This look will soon be transformed for cooler weather with jeans and boots.

Are you still able to wear shorts in your city?

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mixed metal necklace
sport chic in shorts

sport chic in shorts

Adding a blazer to your sneaker outfit makes it more fashionable and less athletic.

sport chic in shorts
The Breakdown ||

I honestly never considered my style to be sporty until one of my followers mentioned it after I asked to describe my style. Now I see it often in my outfits and love my sporty side. I still love to look pulled together and always make sure my sporty outfits are chic. The weather it pretty cool where I’m living but the sunny days are hot so a jacket is a must right now. Fall fashion always seems more structured to me which is why I added this oversized blazer.

blazer || Anine Bing
tank || Citizens of Humanity
shorts || Levi’s
bag || Chloe
shoes || Nike

sport chic in shorts


Where To See Fall Foliage Near Salt Lake City

fall foliage near Salt Lake City

Last weekend I really wanted to drive up to the mountains and check out the fall foliage near Salt Lake City. From our house, I can see the rust-colored tint the mountains have right now and I just can’t imagine how beautiful they are in person! Since I’m not from here and this is only my second fall here in Utah, I asked my amazing followers where the best places to see fall foliage near Salt Lake City and I have a great list to share with you!

My oldest really wanted to go to a creek so I was really looking for fall foliage near a creek or water that I could do alone with my 5, 3, and 1-year old.
fall foliage near Salt Lake City
I did try and drive up to see the fall foliage last week and it got too dark way too fast! We drove up Millcreek Canyon and couldn’t even drive up to the color because we were losing light too quickly. Daylight savings hasn’t even happened yet and it’s already very dark at 7:30 pm!
fall foliage near Salt Lake City

Where to drive to see the fall foliage near Salt Lake City:

Mueller Park. In Bountiful and has a small creek that the kids can play in and throw rocks in. Most of this area is paved and you could use a stroller.
Millcreek Canyon. This is the closest canyon to  Salt Lake City. It isn’t as high in elevations as the other canyons but it is beautiful and easy to get to.
Brighton Ski Resort. There are a few lakes to walk and hike to here. First, you’ll come across Silver Lake. I did this one once last winter, most of it is a boardwalk and a well-established trail so you can take stroller and can alwasy turn around. When walking around Silver Lake you’ll come to a fork that branches off to Lake Solitude and Silver Lake. Lake Solitude is on my list for the fall and Silver Lake I want to do next spring/summer.
Little Cottonwood Canyon. Park at the White Pine trailhead, there is a bridge that goes over the creek/river. You can take the hike to Gloria Falls. You hike along a little creek up to a waterfall.
Big Cottonwood Canyon. Go all the way up the canyon to Guardsmans Pass and drive through Midway on Pine Canyon for an amazing scenic drive. Lots of Aspen trees!
East Canyon by way of Parleys. There is a reservoir called Little Dell Reservoir, it’s past the Mountain Dell Golf Course.
– Alpine Scenic Loop up in Sundance. The Alpine Loop connects American Fork Canyon and Provo Canyon. This has been on my list since I moved here but it always seemed too far from us. If I don’t make it this year, next year it will be at the top of my list!
American Fork Canyon. This canyon leads to the Alpine Loop. Once you get to the Alpine Summit you can hike easily to Cascade Springs which is great for children.
Provo Canyon. There is a river that runs up the whole. canyon all the way to Deer Creek Reservoir.

fall foliage near Salt Lake Cityfall foliage near Salt Lake City
fall foliage near Salt Lake City

Absolutely love this time of year and am so happy I am able to be in Utah to see so much beauty. There are a number of different places to see fall foliage near Salt Lake City and definitely a little something for everyone!

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DIY || Neutral Halloween Decor

Last fall was my first time spending it in Ohio due to the pandemic. For the past 10 years, I have spent the fall season in Memphis so I had no decor for our house. I love decorating the house for the holidays and now that my kids are old enough to enjoy it I have even more fun! A couple of years ago I shared a DIY post on colorful skulls that my friend had created. She did all of the work but it was too cool not to share.

When October came around I followed that blog post and did my own version of DIY neutral Halloween skulls that matched the decor of our house and I am absolutely obsessed. Below I’ll give you the steps to create this neutral Halloween decor and the materials I used. It is the same as the colorful skulls, just slightly different materials. I’m glad I am able to share this in September because this gives you plenty of time to get crafty before October!

What You Need
spray paint
painter’s tape
glue gun/tacky glue
clear tacky glue
sand or glitter

What You Do
Buy the cheapest skulls you can find, the ones I used are $5 each from Target. Spray paint your skulls the color of your choice. Since I was going for colors to match my house I went with a soft white called Clamshell and a light taupe called Sand Dollar, both in a matte finish. You can use a matte, high-gloss, or metallic finish. I also saw these mini skulls that could easily be spray painted and added to a bowl or jar.

diy halloween skullsAfter the spray paint dries (you’ll need to spray 2-3 coats depending on what color your skulls are and what color you are spray painting it) use painter’s tape to tape off your design, this is where you will use the paintbrush to paint on the clear tacky glue. You could also use a paper towel to spread the glue. Make sure the tape is pressed down well so you have a clean line.

diy neutral halloween skull decor
Paint the glue in the section you want to put the sand or glitter on. I used sand because I didn’t want too much bling to mine and I couldn’t find anything at the craft store that I liked. When I got home the boys were playing in the sandbox and I thought the color and texture of the sand was perfect! While the glue is still wet dump large amounts of glitter or sand on the glue. You may want to do this over a paper plate or paper so you can reuse the glitter. I applied the glue and rolled my skull in the sandbox since we had one.

While the glitter and glue are drying, take your glue gun or tacky glue and apply your pearls, rope, or string in whichever design you prefer. I was sorta stumped on the designs of my skulls and was just applying items as I thought of them so you can always do the glitter/sand later as long as it doesn’t get in the way of other items you plan on applying. I never figured out what to do with the leather string I bought. I did a couple of things with the twine, I braided it for a headband and swirled it in one of the skull’s eyes. The felt eyebrows were a last-minute idea, I just saw the felt from something else and thought I could make it work. You can look around your house and in your craft boxes for materials, you can make anything work.

Below you can see how I styled my skulls. I put a few on the shelves that flank our TV and a couple on our entry table. I had no idea how to pair them at first but I grouped them by their materials. The group on the shelf all have pearls and the two on the table both have sand on them. These were so fun to create and I am definitely going to be doing it again this fall so I can decorate my Utah house.

diy neutral halloween skullsdiy neutral halloween skullsIf you decide to try this DIY neutral Halloween decor project please tag me @livinglereve so I can check it out! I’d also love to see what materials you used!

Happy DIY-ing!

diy neutral halloween decordiy neutral halloween skull

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How I Keep The Whole Family Sleeping Comfortably

sheex cooling sheetsSome of us run hot, some of us run cold, some sleep in shorts, and others in pants. I tell you what, keeping our whole family sleeping comfortably at night can be a challenge. I have slowly been figuring it out and just got the final piece to help us out, our new SHEEX bedding. My husband likes to sleep with the temperature really low and has had the privilege of having a thermostat in the primary bedroom that controls only the primary bedroom and bathroom. Now that we split time between our primary bedroom and our guest room (if you know us, you know we have bad sleepers in our house and our primary bedroom is too far from the boys’ bedrooms), which does have a thermostat in it, and is right in the middle of our children’s bedrooms, we need to consider them.

Our youngest son is only one year old and he does sleep in a sleep sack but when the thermostat is set below 71 his little hands are cold when I get him in the morning. Our middle son moves a lot while he sleeps and never has his blanket on in the morning so I never want the room too cold for him. Our oldest son is not a good sleeper and finds his way into bed with us one way or another before the night is over, so he is not as affected. My husband and I on the other hand are always so hot at night I don’t let us put the thermostat below 71 compared to when we don’t have to consider the kids and set it to 68.

sheex cooling sheets

I really needed some cooler bedding so we could sleep comfortably and I found everything I needed from Sheex. The first step to sleeping comfortably is staying cooler with your bedsheets, you want them to be breathable and provide optimal heat transfer from your body so you don’t end up sweating during the night. SHEEX has a line of sheets called Arctic Aire that has a softer than silk feeling and is made from a sustainable material called Tencel. Tencel fibers contain submicroscopic channels that help regulate absorption and then release moisture for a restful and restorative night’s sleep.

sheex cooling sheetsI also got their mattress pad because I feel like most mattress protectors make you hotter in the night because they aren’t breathable. The unique shape of the fiber fill in this mattress pad prevents heat from accumulating in the material surrounding the body. This technology is designed to keep you cool and dry throughout the night by pulling moisture away from your body and enhancing moisture evaporation. I never knew there was so much thought and engineering put into creating bedding!

sheex cooling sheetssheex cooling sheetsOur bed is topped off with the Arctic Aire Quilt and the Original Performance All Season Comforter. I planned on using just the quilt but with winter coming I thought the comforter would be useful. The quilt and comforter are both white but not the exact same shade. The sheet set does match the comforter perfectly. I actually like the contrast the quilt adds to the bed.

sheex cooling sheets

Everything I ordered from SHEEX is extremely soft, even the pajamas. I almost forgot to mention those. When I first pulled the pajamas out of the package they seemed like workout clothes because they are thin and made of moisture-wicking material, just like the sheets. My all time favorite thing about these is how non-restrictive they are. I once preferred to sleep in as little as possible but now that we have children and have to wake up at odd hours of the night I wear pajamas but I’m very particular. The joggers blew me away. When I first got in bed and into my sleeping position, on my tummy with my right leg up and bent, I didn’t have to adjust the pants at all! Very impressed.

I have been sleeping so well with my new bedding and pajamas and I’m so happy the whole family can sleep comfortably.sheex cooling sheets

This post is sponsored by Sheex. As always, all opinions are my own. 


What I Bought || Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

When the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened to the public I started adding items to my cart. I was impressed with what was left because usually there are slim choices in my size towards the end of the sale. I left the items in my cart till the second to last day to make sure I really loved them, some items sold out during that time which was probably a good thing because it narrowed down my cart. I prefer to let items sit in my cart so I can really think about if I want them or not. I hate to think that some of my past Anniversary Sale purchases were on impulse, not my favorite thing, and I never wear them, like these flats and cardigan, and this duster.

I tried not to buy the boys anything because my older two pretty much only wear athletic clothes and my youngest has soooo many hand-me-downs. I couldn’t resist on a couple of pajamas (these and these) for Eli and a pair of Nike shorts for Myles, he can’t have too many these days! For myself, I tried to think of things I would really wear and don’t have already. I will say the makeup palette I was not even looking at but then I saw @jesssouthern do her makeup with it and she sold me!

Click on the picture of the item for shopping details!

Here are a few other things I got!

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Wedding Guest Dresses || Summer 2021

wedding guest dresses
Wedding season is here and I have already had quite a few people ask me for advice on what to wear. Most advice is sought for the black-tie weddings, which I will admit are difficult to affordably shop for. I looked at all sorts of wedding guest dresses and I divided them up into categories since there are always different types of weddings.

Most of you prefer to spend under $100 for your dress so I made sure to add plenty under $100, under $50 but I also added a few expensive ones just in case you are in the market to splurge!
wedding guest dresses Gigi Pip cara loren hat

Black Tie ||

Outdoor Garden ||

City Cocktail ||

Beach Flow ||

gold layering necklaces
wedding guest dresses  staud purse

hat || Gigi Pip
dress || Ronny Kobo
earrings || Revolve
gold necklace || Revolve
chain necklace || Ettika
chain bracelet || Ettika
stacked rings || Ettika
bag || Staud
shoes || Marc Fisher

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Weekend Getaway Essentials || Memorial Weekend

This weekend is Memorial Weekend which is one of my favorites because that is the weekend the pools open up! School is about to be out and summer is around the corner. A lot of people will be traveling for this long weekend so I thought it was the perfect time to put this collage together. I am a very light packer so I put together some weekend getaway essentials for some inspiration. I would never go buy all of this just for a trip but if you are looking to buy something you should check these items out!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

My thought process when packing for a weekend getaway is to stay within the same color family so everything can mix and match. A great travel outfit is a pair of joggers, a tank, a long cardigan to treat as a blanket, and slides (don’t forget to pack socks in your bag!).

For an afternoon out you can continue to wear the outfit you traveled in or throw on an easy dress that you can later wear to dinner. If you choose your dress, wear the casual slides you had on while traveling and throw on your cross-body bag and jewelry. When it comes time to the evening, swap your shoes for heels, and take off the strap to your bag and make a little handbag. I love how everything in this collage works together!

Any plans for this weekend? I am headed to Memphis to watch games 3 and 4 or the playoffs. It has been almost 2 years since I have been in Memphis so I am excited to see my friends and check out some of my favorite go-to spots! I wish I could be packing this light but I’ll be bringing my children so I’ll be packing a giant suitcase for the 4 of us!

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How I Choose Clothes To Be Nursing-Friendly

nursing-friendly outfits

While I was pregnant with my third child I was seeing a lot of first-time moms on social media talk about nursing-friendly outfits. I would use their link to swipe up and really look into the item of clothing, usually trying to figure out how it was nursing-friendly. Now, a lot of clothes were nursing-friendly but some just didn’t seem to cut it. My baby is now 8 months old and I am finally getting around to sharing what really makes an outfit nursing-friendly.

I am very comfortable nursing out in public because a baby needs to eat and this is a natural thing to do. I also have never used a nursing shield or cover. Actually, maybe a handful of times, but really, not many. I sometimes think using a nursing cover can draw more attention so I chose to use mine when my babies were really small and I needed to guide them more, my outfit just wasn’t cooperating, or if I’m with my husband because he is usually more uncomfortable than me!

nursing-friendly outfits

A few things to consider if you are easily trying to nurse your baby and don’t want to fully undress.
|| buttoned tops/dresses: dresses are the hardest to be nursing-friendly because you may have to lift up the whole dress or take the whole thing down and that is not going to work in public! I love to find things tops that have a few buttons at the top to open and easily nurse your baby.
|| zipper outfits: this includes the outfit I am wearing as well as hoodies. One of the first times I nursed my firstborn in public was after a hike with friends. We were out to lunch and I had on a nursing sports bra, a muscle tank, and a zip-up jacket. I easily slid my tank to the side, unclicked my strap, and used my jacket to go over the baby’s head in case the waiter was to walk by. It was perfect.
|| v-neck shirts: I didn’t learn this trick until my second. I always lifted my shirts up from the bottom to nurse but after talking to a friend who was nursing her second, she mentioned out all her v-neck shirts were stretched out from nursing. This really is super easy, pull down your shirt, unclip your bran and no one will even know what is going on.
|| muscle tanks: similar to the v-neck, with a muscle tank you can pull your shirt to the side to access your boob. This type of shirt might be the ultimate go-to.nursing-friendly outfits

golden goose rhinestone sneakers

The Breakdown:
When I saw this zipped up I knew this would be a great nursing-friendly option. I am still getting used to Utah spring where the weather changes more than I could imagine. Since the humidity is so low here it gets really cool outside when the sun goes down or behind a cloud so I thought this long sleeve short option was nice. I love flip flops but it’s much easier to chase kids in sneakers so I have been wearing them a lot more! By the way, this romper is soooooo soft. When I first put it on, I actually said “oh, wow!”, plus it’s under $100!

romper || Chaser
bag || Bottega Veneta 
shoes || Golden Goose
earrings || Revolve (40% off!)

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Casual Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother's Day ideas
I never really understood how meaningful Mother’s Day was until I became a mother myself. I have so much appreciation for my mom, especially as a mother myself. Growing up I knew how much my mom did for me as a child and young adult but I had no idea the energy and love she had for me as a newborn and young child. Three deep into children of my own I have learned your heart keeps growing and that motherhood is tough!

Mother’s Day can be challenging for those who have lost a mother or mother figure, and for those who have been struggling to become a mother. I have not experienced either of those but I empathize with all of those who have. Mother’s Day should be a day to celebrate the love of any human that has played a maternal role in your life and you should be able to celebrate the mother you are hoping to become!Mother's Day ideas

We are less than two weeks away from Mother’s Day so I thought I would put together a few casual Mother’s Day ideas along with what I’ve done in the past. I want to share this with you guys because it isn’t much. You probably know by now I am a simple person and I don’t do go over the top. The pandemic seems to be coming to an end but I know many of us may not be with our family this coming Mother’s Day and might just not be up for a big celebration, and that is ok.

Mother's Day ideas

Some mothers want to spend their Mother’s Day with their children and family while others want to spend it alone in peace in quiet! Here are some options for both!

Simple Mother’s Day Ideas With Family:
|| Do brunch. You don’t have to get dressed up and go to a restaurant. Make it a casual family activity and let your kids help. One of my favorite lazy morning things to do is have my boys help me in the kitchen. You can even stay in your pajamas!
|| Have a picnic. This also does not need to be a production. I have picnics with my kids all the time. Nothing is packed in a basket, I’m rarely out of sweats (sitting on a picnic blanket in a dress isn’t the most comfortable), and there is no cute display of cheese and crackers. Sometimes I wish I would that but I love my easy go with the flow style. Pack a blanket or some beach towels, pb&j, or turkey sandwiches, I put some fruit and veggies in some tupperware, and our water bottles! If you go closer to dinner get carryout and pick it up on your way to the park. I love spending time outdoors especially with my kids and this way you don’t have to clean up the kitchen!

Simple Mother’s Day Ideas By Yourself:
|| Flower arranging class. To me, arranging flowers is very therapeutic. It relaxes and calms me and in the end, you have a beautiful arrangement. Many local florists offer flower arranging classes. This could be fun to do solo or with your mom, sister or besties.
|| Lay out with a book. I love spending time with my boys and family but I also love a little r&r with a good book or magazine. Back in Ohio I love to sit by our pool with my mom and sister while my husband puts our children down for a nap.
|| Treat yourself to a beauty treatment. Get yourself a blowout, even if you don’t need it, you know how good it feels to get your scalp massaged during the wash! Grab a massage, you could arrange it with your mom too if you wanted they day with her or just enjoy some quiet time alone!
|| Sleep in. Oh boy, if I could sleep in! That would be the all-time gift!

Mother's Day ideastalvey white croc bag

Mother's Day style

Mother's Day style

The Breakdown:

I used to write a “breakdown” on every style post I did explaining how and why I put my outfit together. I started blogging when I was styling and always had a story in my head for the photo shoot, whether it was for me or for the magazine I worked for. When I put this dress on I immediately felt great in it and I hadn’t even looked in the mirror. To be honest, I am really not comfortable in my own skin right now so to have most of my legs covered, my upper arms covered and the ruching at the waist just made me feel so good! I kept my accessories small and light for spring, a mini top-handle off-white crocodile bag (that was a huge surprise for Christmas!), and croc-embossed kitten sandals. This outfit could work for a wedding, shower, or a Mother’s Day event. This dress comes in black too which I almost want to buy since I love this one so much. The black looks so chic!

dress | Lovers + Friends  (similar for less)
shoes | Steven by Steve Madden (similar here and here)
bag | Stalvey (similar for less) (very affordable option)
necklace | Revolve
bracelet | Ettika *use code livinglereve20 for 20% off until May 31st.
snake ring | Urban Outfitters (similar)

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Sephora Spring Beauty Insider Sale || What I Ordered 2021

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Elijah’s Mint + Tan Nursery Reveal

mason gray mommy and baby

Planning anything ahead of time is not my strong suit. Of course, I’d love to always be prepared and do my research but I’m more of a last-minute person or do as you go. I never quite get to do that big nursery reveal. With my firstborn’s nursery, it wasn’t ready on time because we were building a new house and it was supposed to be finished by the time the baby came but things were taking longer than usual so we set him up a temporary one at our condo. Myles finally had a room for himself when he was about 10 months old, check it out here!

My second child’s nursery was set up in one of our guest rooms. I did not want to remove the king bed in his room since our moms were able to sleep there to help us out during nights! One thing you’ll find in common with all the nursery’s is there is a bed in the room. I’m a strong believer in having a comfortable place for an adult to sleep in a nursery. The first couple of months I sleep in the baby’s room since I’m waking so frequently, that way my husband can rest, there is no point in both of us being exhausted and someone needs to get up with our older children! I love how Noah’s nursery turned out, the room was so calming.tan and mint nursery
Let’s get into Eli’s nursery! He is taking over what was Myle’s nursery because Myles and Noah are now sharing a room. You’ll see a lot of the same items, same crib, rocker, side table, and changing table. I moved Myle’s nursery rug into the room he and Noah share and bought a new rug that I absolutely love. I had no idea what direction I wanted to go when it came to putting Eli’s nursery together but I knew I wanted it to be different. A color I had not used in any of the rooms was green. I was debating between a mint and chartreuse rug which would set the tone for the room. I did find this little elephant (ours is tan) and this crib sheet that I immediately fell in love with. The sheet was a splurge but I know we will use it for years to come!anthropologie mirror nurserytan and mint nursery

I added a Draceana Marginata (Madagascar Dragon Tree) plant in the corner of the room. I love the height and visual interest it brings to the room, plus I got it for 50% off from a local Columbus nursery. With the addition of the plant, I moved the rocking chair closer to the center of the room making it feel cozier. I always had issues with the rocking chair sliding off the rug while rocking so I put a felt strip all along the bottom and it has helped tremendously!tan and mint nursery

The walls are bare, other than the mirror I have above the changing table and I have no idea what to put on them. I still have the cross stitch alphabet art that was above from the crib when Myles was in here. I am open to art suggestions! The leather poof is also a new addition. I had wanted one for years and felt like Eli’s nursery was the perfect spot for it.

I feel so good when I am in this room. It makes me happy and so proud to be a mom.
tan and mint nurseryThe Breakdown||

crib || Pottery Barn Kids
crib sheet || St. Franks
rocking chair || Pottery Barn Kids
rug || Crate and Barrel
pouf || Wayfair
floor lamp || Serena & Lily
bed || West Elm
bedding || Target Threshold
nightstand || Serena & Lily
changing table || Pottery Barn Kids
mirror || Anthropologie
bison blanket || Little Unicorn
accent wall color || Racoon Fur by Benjamin Moore
drapes || custom by Hang Ups
star robe and gown || Mason Gray

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What I Bought || Easter Baskets

Last year was my first year really doing Easter Baskets for the boys. Each year they had an Easter Basket but we usually stuck to egg hunts and my mom filled their basket. Last year was a big Easter because I announced my pregnancy with Elijah! This year I’ll have three boys running around finding eggs. Eli will probably be crawling to eat an egg, but all the same!

Within their Easter Basket, there is one large egg that some clothing goes in. Last year they got a batman shirt with wings built in that Myles was obsessed with. This year I stuck to a Batman shirt, hopefully, they’ll like it even though it doesn’t have wings! Eli’s basket is more practical, full of little things he needs. The older boys are catered to their personality and things they specifically asked for. Myles had seen this “scorpion robot” and has been talking about it non-stop, I also added some Beyblades since I think one went missing. Noah is still obsessed with monster trucks so I got him one that is a little bigger than his others. I also got him a mini car garage with mini cars.

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