A Day In The Life Of Being Traded || Part 4: Settling In

We have been living in Utah for almost almost half a year and in our house for almost 5 months now and I am happy to say it feels like home. Right away seeing our furniture from Memphis in the rooms put me at ease. Walking into the house and seeing our closets, vanities, and pantry unpacked and organized by the Neat Method was a huge help that really calmed me and allowed me to focus on telling the movers where to put things and helping the boys settle in.

I want to be an organized person and small parts of my life are organized. Our clothes that hang in the closet are color-coded with uniform hangers and the labels of pantry items always face forward and are somewhat categorized. I wish I had the time to always be organized but I just don’t. I am always fitting as much as possible into as little time as possible which doesn’t leave me spare time. This brings me to April of the Neat Method Salt Lake City. You guys, they are incredible. It was like having 5 of me in the house. They knew where everything should go and how it should be organized. Most impressive of all is that they did it in less than 3 days!neat method organization

neat method organization
neat method organization

Our pantry is organized with clear plastic bins that are perfectly labeled. Our spices are organized and each one is visible thanks to this tiered shelf, my oils are easily accessible on this lazy susan. It makes me so happy every time I open it. I am confident I can keep it all organized, I just hope the boys in this house help me out a little (my husbands closet will be the most difficult for me to keep organized because he has zero organization skills) ! Originally we had the kids snacks and food down low so they could access it but I quickly realized that wasn’t the best idea so I swapped two shelves which were easily done since the snacks are organized in these bins and the cereals are in these.
neat method organization
I am so happy with my closet. Back in Memphis I used to organize peoples closets as a job so I was going to have them skip the closets because I am picky. Once I realized how many boxes we had and all the work that needed to be done I let them have at it and I could not be more pleased. I smile every time I walk in my closet!
neat method organization
neat method organization

We didn’t get to the lower level of the house because I personally wanted to go through those boxes. What we have left that I need to get my hands on are our office boxes. We had two offices at our old house, his and hers and no office at the new house. I did add a table behind our media couch along with a desk chair that I planed on adding a couple of filing cabinets under to make it an office area but my husband has adopted it as his video game area. I really like to have a space that is just mine so I’m not turning our smallest storage area into an office- stay tuned for that!

A couple of other interesting parts about this house is there area few fireplaces but no mantles. Our Memphis house had 2 large mantels that I had decorated. I love the vases and accessories I used to decorate so now I am trying to figure out what to do with them. I recently purchased 2 oversized shelves for a large wall in our house that I have been able decorate with my old mantle items. There are also no built-ins or shelves in this house. Our first house in Memphis had loads of built-ins that framed the fireplaces and our most recent Memphis house had a lot of built-ins in the two offices. So glad I found the perfect shelves to go on our living room wall that I can add some accessories and family photos.

Huge thanks to April and her team at Neat Method Salt Lake City! If you need some spring cleaning or have recently moved you must contact her to help you! She saved me so much time and stress. The Neat Method has locations all over the country if you aren’t located in Salt Lake City.

neat method Salt Lake City 

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My First Week In SLC

Today officially marks my first week in Salt Lake City. I am feeling so settled and comfortable even without a house. I love our condo, its location is perfect. The boys and I enjoy walking around downtown and they love riding the train/tram/trolley, the form of public transportation. We recently discovered the library which is something we love to do in any city we are in. I found a great coffee shop, Creek Tea where they have the best cactus nectar tea late and I get so much accomplished every time I’m there. The tea shop happens to be right below my new favorite workout place Maven Strong. I also went to Campos Coffee the other day and really loved it!

The first few days I was here were Jazz related so I now have a good feel of how the games will go, where to park, how the family room operates and who everyone in the room is. I still need a refresher on some names but everyone is no nice and I can’t wait to hang out with them more!

My biggest struggle, you may be thinking it’s the boys sharing a room which I was so worried about, but is actually getting Myles to wear clothes for this cool weather!!! Every day is a struggle, most days I let him wear shorts because it hasn’t been that cold until today and he did leave the house in pants and a long sleeve shirt but that was after many tears! I sure hope this doesn’t continue throughout the winter.

On to the boys sharing a room. It’s not so bad after all. Last night Noah was crying shortly after Myles went to bed so that woke him up and he came out to tell me Noah was crying. Myles suggested I tell him “shhh, it’s ok boy” which was so sweet. Noah does little cries throughout the night that haven’t woken up Myles which is amazing. Myles will cry out in the night and get out of bed to come to our room and that hasn’t woke up Noah which I am shocked by. I do have a noisemaker in there which helps and Noah is in the closet (the door is open!) in a travel crib so there is some space between the two. Whether or not the boys should share a room in the new house is still up to debate. I have 8 days to decide!

Yesterday I met up with another blogger, Krychele of Carnations and Lace with our boys to pick out some pumpkins. I met Krychele during NYFW and I had all sorts of questions to ask her since she was from Utah and  I was going to be new to Salt Lake City. So fun we actually get to hang out now!

I am so ready to decorate for Halloween. I bought two little cute skeletons and one is already broken! Decorating the house may be one of the first things I do! My sister and her three boys come next weekend so I also hope to have the house ready enough for all of us to sleep there!

The Breakdown:
Yesterday was absolutely freezing. I knew it was cold but it felt so nice in the sun. Once we arrived at Cornbelly’s we realized how windy it was. Poor Noah was miserable and wanted nothing to do with anything. He didn’t want to walk, be held, play, eat, jump or swing. I’m pretty sure he just wanted to get back in the warm car and drive home. He was pretty bundled except for that right shoe that kept falling off. I had made a quick trip to the mall before heading out to buy a few warmer things!

hat | (similar here)
jacket | H&M ‘Short Pile Coat
sweater | Express ‘Fuzzy Balloon Sleeve Pullover Sweater
jeans | Madewell ‘Button Front High Rise Skinny Jeans
boots | Marc Fisher ‘Izzie Genuine Shearling Lace-Up Boots‘ (click here and enter LTDFALL430 at check out to enjoy 20% off)

coat | hat | pants | shoes

coat | pants | shoes

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Your Assumptions Of Me

Yesterday, I posted on Instagram asking you guys what your assumptions were of me. Social media is a very tricky thing to navigate and I think it’s safe to say most people who use it for any type of work have a love/hate relationship with it. If I want my following to grow I need to engage, I should spend at least an hour searching hashtags similar to my interests and like and comment on as many photos as possible. But you know what, if I have an hour, there is a list of things in my life waiting to be done and engaging on social media is not at the top. I also should post at least once a day but I don’t always have the “content” available to post. If I do have a photo to post I may not have anything to say- no new clothes to share, no recent makeup looks and no new products I’m loving.assumptions of a WAGAs much as I try to be authentic I know those reading my captions can’t hear the tone in my voice and I could be interpreted anyway you choose. So when I asked for you guys to leave you assumption of me in the comments sections so I could clear things up on my blog I was nervous. I was prepared to get my feelings hurt. I know people have assumptions of professional athletes and the wives and girlfriends of those players, I used to have them. Now I am one of them, we are them and the one great thing about social media is that we can give you guys an idea of have normal and real we are.
assumptions of a WAG
I couldn’t be happier with the things you guys assumed about me. Every comment was something positive that I try very hard to be and I am really glad it shows on social media. Here is what you said.

You have no problem getting on stories and being yourself. I’m not a fan of filters to make you look better on stories. You know when I’m talking before bed, at the pool or working out I’m not going to have makeup on so there is no reason to cover that up with a filter. My hair is also wild and I’m not going to tame it just to hop on a story 😉

True motherhood and how great of a mother you are. This is the best compliment any mother could possibly hear. I work harder at being a mother than anything else and it’s truly my greatest joy. I’ve always been a good mom but separating my work life from mom life has made me a better mother. I used to try and write a blog post or create content with Myles around when he was little and that didn’t work. I need to get my work done when they aren’t around so when I am with them they can have 100% of me. It is much more fun that way. Living life as a child again brings me lots of smiles.

Any assumptions of NBA wives I had before have been blown out of the water. I was so happy to hear this! You know MTV reached out to me twice to interview for a show and I didn’t make it past emailing because I knew it wasn’t going to be real. No matter how many different WAGS or Basketball Wive and whatever other shows are out there try to be real I just don’t feel like they are. I told them I was too boring to be filmed. Having me film in a state my husband isn’t playing in is not real. Having me hang out with other WAGS that I’m not already friends with isn’t real. Now if they wanted to follow us along on our Disney trip, that would have been real, LOL.

You seem so genuine and down to earth. Those are two great qualities to have! I’m definitely a no frill type of person and being down to earth is a much easier way for me to live.

You’re like a friend I’d want next door. What a fun thing to say! My parents still live in the same house they did 35 years ago. Right next store is my best friends parents who have also been there that long. It’s really fun for us to see each other when we both go back to visit our parents. Growing up we would have block parties, run around catching lighting bugs, have lemonade stands and just be kids. Of course you never know who your neighbors are going to be when you move but I have lucked out with some pretty amazing neighbors in my life!

A supportive wife. I think any wife is supportive of her husbands career if she really loves him. You definitely have to be extremely understanding because so much at home can affect what he does on the court.
assumptions of a WAGThis was a really fun post and I love sharing my life you with you guys and I’m so thankful you enjoy following along on. All the assumptions you guys had about me were true! I thought I was going to have to do more explaining. I am so glad I come across as who I really am on social media.

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A Successful Way To Wean Nursing

weaning a baby from nursing
As my pregnancy comes to an end I have started thinking about what it’s like to have a newborn. I haven’t put too much thought into it because I get a little overwhelmed at the thought of managing 2 kids, the sleepless nights, the painful breastfeeding, all the hormonal changes and my new body. I’ve thought a lot about nursing because I am assuming it will be the same experience as I had with Myles but I’m now reminding myself that this is a different baby and a different pregnancy and things might not be as easy.
weaning a baby from nursing
I’ll get to how I successfully weaned my first child in the next paragraph but I wanted to give you a little preface of how my nursing journey began. I was very fortunate to have a great milk supply. I developed colostrum early on in my pregnancy and was leaking it at 6 months! I was always finding little marks in my bras. I wasn’t able to do skin to skin right away because I had an emergency C-section but as soon as I got to hold him I put my new little baby on my chest and he immediately started rooting around with his mouth open. The nurse said I could see if he wanted to nurse and within 10 minutes of me holding him for the first time I was feeding him! Of course, I felt like I was doing it perfectly but once the lactation consultant came in she had a few tips and tricks for me that were very helpful! Eventually, I got Myles feeding on a great schedule, he would nurse 4 times a day every 4 hours (9am, 1pm, 5pm, and 9pm) and would sleep through the night (thanks to this book!!).
weaning a baby from nursing
Time to wean! A lot of people are curious about how long mothers plan on breastfeeding. My goal was to make it a year. Not that once I got to a year I was going to suddenly quit because I reached my goal, that was my ideal minimum. The summer Myles turned one I had a lot of trips planned (6 out of state weddings in 5 weeks!!) so being away from him was going to help the weaning process. The great thing about making it through the first year is that your baby can then have whole milk so there is no need to buy formula.

As I mentioned before, Myles was only nursing 4 times, every 4 hours during the day and sleeping through the night. The day after his first birthday I cut out the 3rd nursing feeding for a bottle of whole milk and breast milk. I did 3/4 breast milk from my frozen stash and 1/4 whole milk and eventually, the bottle became all whole milk over a 2 week time. I chose his 3rd feeding because I felt like his 4th and final feeding of the days wasn’t enough for him, especially since we would be going 12 hours until his morning feed. Myles was eating plenty of solids so he had plenty to eat throughout the day and I never felt like he was going to bed hungry, I just felt pretty empty at that last feeding, a little too empty. Taking away that 3rd feeding gave me 8 hours of milk production. I didn’t pump because that wouldn’t help my body learn how to slow down the production. I had heard it can be painful weaning and I wanted to avoid that.

Two weeks later, I decided to cut out the 2nd feeding for a bottle using the same ratio of whole milk and breast milk as his 3rd feeding. I continued not to pump so that my body knew it didn’t need to produce as much. I continued to do this every 2 weeks until he no longer needed to nurse. The night feeding was the last to go and hardest for me. During those two weeks was when I found out I was pregnant with this baby and it came at a good time because I knew Myles couldn’t nurse forever and I had a lot of changes happening to my own body and knew it was the perfect time.
how to wean your child from breastfeeding
Myles was 14 months when I wrapped up breastfeeding with him. I am lucky he took the bottle so well and transitioned to whole milk so well. I have to say he is still soooo obsessed with milk. He could drink it all day but I have to limit him so he’ll eat actual food! He also can’t drink milk with his meals because he’ll drink the whole cup of milk and have no room for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
weaning a baby from nursing
how to style a bright pink blazer
blogger with flowers
I hope you guys found this helpful. I am happy to answer any questions. I know every mother’s experience and baby is different but I had such a successful weaning process I thought I should share in hopes it can help one of you.
Cheers to the next 14(ish) months of nursing!
how to wean your baby from breastfeeding
The Breakdown:
I purchased this blazer because I had an evening meeting and forgot to grab a jacket when I was out earlier that afternoon. You know those hot afternoons that drop 20 degrees by nightfall. It was one of those days and I only had a t-shirt and shorts so I quickly stopped into Target for a cardigan but since it was Spring I couldn’t find any cozy cardigans but I did spot this bright pink blazer that is very soft and comfortable, it also pulled my look together making me look a little more professional. For those of you that have to dress up for work, I think this would be the perfect casual Friday blazer to wear with jeans!

blazer | Target ‘A New Day Relaxed Blazer
shirt | Cotton Citizen ‘Mykonos V Neck’ (similar)
shorts | Motherhood Maternity ’Secret Fit Maternity Fray Shorts
bag | M2Malletier ‘Amor Fati Crossbody Bag
scarf | Tanya Taylor ‘Kelly Scarf
watch | Rolex (similar for less)
shoes | Sam Edelman ‘Berit Sandal’ (in gold)
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Behind The Scenes Of A Bloggers Shoot

Every blogger is different on how they develop their content. Some bloggers are super organized and have content set up months in advanced and others may shoot their looks daily. I find myself somewhere in the middle. I have learned a few things over the years also. Kim, the blogger of KP Fusion, has been shooting my outfits the past year and has started her own YouTube channel. She recently shared this video of our last shoot together which inspired me to share with you guys what goes on!
First, I will explain the process before the actual shoot, which is what you see in the video. You also see all the walks, turns and hair flips! Then, I’ll explain how I used to do it! If there are any pro bloggers out there that have better advice and a more efficient way please comment below!
Oh, before I start explaining things I want to let you guys I used to be mortified to get my picture taken in public! I would only have my friends or family shoot be where there weren’t people walking by and there was no traffic. I was so embarrassed. I still feel a little silly today but I am much more comfortable. 
Living LeReve circa 2018
Prepare to shoot 3-4 looks at a time. It took me a few months to learn that bloggers shoot multiple looks at once, that way they have content for a week or so. You can buy new clothes or borrow clothes from stores and shoot it all at once. I shoot for an hour, sometimes a little over and I get 4 outfits in. I like to change my hair or lip color with my outfits so everything looks a little different. 
While at home I try on all sorts of clothing pieces and accessories, mixing and matching until I find the perfect outfit to shoot. I like to take pictures of what my final outfit is to send to my photographer to give her an idea of the vibe so she can help pick out locations. Bloggers have the final say in everything but the photographers have that special eye and I like to have their opinion on location. 
I try to be as organized as possible so no time is wasted during the shoot. I have each outfit grouped together (pants, top, jacket, shoes, accessories, lip color) so when it’s time for the next outfit everything I need is all together in its own pile. To be honest, not every shoot am I on top of it. Sometimes I just have a bag of jewelry that ends up tangled together which takes up more time sorting than I prefer or all of my shoes will be in a pile in the front seat. Shoots are different if I’m wearing my own clothes or if  I am borrowing from a store or brand. There is more time that goes into the shoot if you are borrowing because you need to make sure every piece is returned exactly how you got it, shoes must be taped, tags must be hidden during the photos but not destroyed, garments must be placed on the hangers and neatly put back in their garment bags. This is when the stylist in me really takes over and I need time to prepare and get organized. 
Park in a discrete spot. This is where the not-so-glamorous part really comes into play. Most of the time I’m changing from one look to the next in my car. Once I did a shoot in NYC and the photographer and a pop up tent and after one outfit she popped this tent opened and I changed right there in it. I felt super weird but I know I’m not the first or only person to do that and I had to keep reminding myself of that. I don’t mind doing it but you do need to watch out for your surroundings and if anyone might be walking by. Some shoot locations will have a restroom available but more times than now I prefer my car. After the shoot is over my looks like a closet bomb went off in it. Nothing is on hangers, garments are tossed over the seats, shoes are everywhere, makeup is spilled and bags are tossed around. 
Out of that video came these photos and posts. 

Living LeReve circa 2015

I wasn’t nearly as prepared to start blogging when I did as bloggers are today. Anyone who asks me about starting a blog today I suggest they have 8-10 posts so when they launch their site the readers have something to look at. I created my website and had no content for a while, I would maybe post once or twice a month. Anytime I would go somewhere and dressed in an outfit I felt was blog worthy I would set up my phone on the timer and snap a few pictures of myself. If I were lucky, I had a friend to do the deed for me (thank you Ailsa!) . The quality and lighting wasn’t that great but I was a beginner and had no budget. After a few months of doing that I read on a fashion bloggers site that she had just finished shooting 4 looks for blog content. That’s when I realized how things are really done, thank you Something Navy!
I interviewed a few photographers and clicked with Lindsey Lissau (here is my first outfit I ever shot with her). She eventually moved but luckily we still keep in touch and I had gotten to know a handful of other photographers from other shoots and collaborations. I still have a friend or family member shoot an occasional outfit and I mix that in with the professional shots!
I hope you found this useful if you are interested in starting a blog. Sorry this post is so wordy and not many photos. For those of you who already blog I hope you didn’t find this too boring since you already know!

We Are Having A ….

That’s right, we are having a boy! Of course I didn’t care what we were having, I just wanted another baby and I’m so happy to be pregnant. I didn’t want to find out with Myles but my husband couldn’t handle the unknown so we found out. With this baby, I again didn’t want to find out. Actually, it’s not that I didn’t want to, it’s so exciting, I just didn’t care to know. I was going to be equally happy and do everything the same one way or the other.
I actually didn’t find out the gender of our baby during our anatomy ultrasound at 18 weeks. My husband did! I really didn’t care to know and I loved the secret and the mystery of feeling my little baby moving around. I also can’t lie to people and when people would ask me what I was having and if I knew than I would tell them and I guess I didn’t want other people to know. The reason I felt that was because so many people wanted me to have a girl. I understand it’s fun to have one of each but I didn’t want those people to be disappointed in my baby if it were a boy. I don’t have children to try and have a specific gender. I have children because I want to have a family with my husband. No one had ill intentions when mentioning they hoped I was having a girl or wished it was a girl but how awkward would it be when I say “well, it’s a boy”. It just felt right not knowing so I closed my eyes when the ultrasound tech had to measure the baby’s legs just in case I saw something I wasn’t supposed to. The tech would tell me to open my eyes and we looked at the baby some more and then we were done. I had no idea Michael knew the gender, I didn’t hear him or the ultrasound tech say a peep!
I’m sure a lot of you think I am crazy for letting my husband find out first. He is the best secret keeper and has an amazing poker face. He even talked a little bit about it and I couldn’t figure it out. One night the three of us were having dinner and it felt right to know what our dinner would be like in the future so I had him tell me. He brought out the ultrasound photo and it said “it’s a boy!”. I of course cried tears of joy because I cry at everything. Poor Myles was so confused on what was going on because I kept hugging him, crying, and laughing. When it came time to tell my family there was a lot of laughter (and happy tears from me) because my sister has three boys and now I’ll have two boys and that is a lot of grandsons for my parents.
I feel a bit bad that Myles is 19 months and this is his first time painting. I should have had him doing this all winter long. I would like to get a little table and a paint safe area for him!

Myles is so proud of his artwork. He puts his hands together every time he sees it and gets the biggest smile. I see a lot of painting in our future!

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